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Singapore Optometric Association Member Registration


Ordinary Member

Ordinary Members shall be:

Membership of the Association shall be open to all persons engaged in the practice of Optometry, and who are of good character and repute, and who possess a recognizable qualification in the practice of Optometry acceptable to the Education Committee of the Association.

New members who provide evidence of having obtained a recognizable qualification, recognized by the Council.


Associate Member

Any person who is undertaking a course of training and education acceptable to or provided by the education Committee of the Association.


Honorary Member

Any person of the Optometry profession, of the Medical profession, scientific worker and prominent lay citizens, who take a special interest in the furtherance of the objects of the Association and in the advancement of Optometry practice.

Honorary Members may attend meetings and participate in their proceedings, but do not have the right to vote or hold office.

Member’s Rights

Ordinary Members shall have all rights and privileges of membership, including the right to attend meetings and participate in their proceedings, the right to vote or to hold office.

Associate Members shall have limited rights and privileges of membership, including the right to attend meetings and participate in their proceedings, but not the right to vote or to hold office.



Every application for membership shall be made in writing, proposed and seconded by ordinary members, and shall contain evidence of recognizable qualifications, and a description of experiences in practice in Singapore, if any. Any person found to have made false applications will be barred from future membership.

All applications for Ordinary and Associate Membership shall be accompanied by the relevant membership fee.

The rights and privileges of each member shall be personal to himself; they shall not be transferable by his own action or by the operation of Law and no member shall be entitled to exercise any of his rights and privileges of a member unless all moneys due by him to the Association have been paid.

False Declaration: Any member who acts as proposer or seconder to any membership application that has proven to contain false information, shall be defaulted for a minimum of one year of his membership rights and privileges at the discretion of the Council.



Entrance Fee

Ordinary Member                  $100.00

Associate Member                $100.00



Ordinary Member                  $120.00        Annually

Associate Member                $60.00          Annually

Student Member                   $20.00          Annually

(34th AGM on 16/8/2011)

Any member joining during the course of a year shall pay the full subscription for that year. Applicants are to provide a passport size photograph attached to the application form.


The objectives of Singapore Optometric Association


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